Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Submission of Files - What are the requirements for file format, photo resolution and the safety area for trimming?

Application Software used at COT

Adobe Illustrator CC • Adobe InDesign CC • Adobe Photoshop CC • Adobe Acrobat.

All other file types, convert to PDF.

E.g. Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, QuarkXPress


Print-Ready PDF files are required.

File types accepted: PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, PNG . Excel files for databases.

If supplying the native files ensure the job is packaged to include all fonts and images. 

Print-Ready Definition

  • Fonts must be embedded in the document or converted to outlines.
  • Create file in CMYK mode not RGB mode.
  • Embed all images.
  • Files should have at least 1/8 th bleed (image past the trim of the document) for commercial and packaging jobs
  • Files should have at least ¼ inch bleed for Large format work.
  • Black text must be set to black only and not a mixture of CMYK colours.
  • White text and or objects must NOT be set to overprint.
  • Images must have a resolution of 300 DPI for commercial or offset printing.
  • Images must have a resolution of not less than 200 DPI for large format printing.
  • Please ensure files that are done with transparencies or filters can be flattened without any problems.
  • Please indicate trim, score, perforation and fold marks on the outside of the trim.
  • Ensure final art is created at the correct size on separate art boards for two-sided artwork or paginated work.
  • Position text and images at least ¼” from trim for safety margin requirement.
  • For folded brochures or packaging ensure all panels are lined up correctly. For paginated documents create one high resolution pdf document made up of single pages(not spreads) inclusive of cover and blank pages.
    • Exception, for perfect bound books, since the cover needs to include the spine.
    • Please call ahead with details to get correct spine thickness.
  • Note that the number of pages in saddle-stitched books to be created in multiples of 4.
  • Convert to CMYK any Spot or PMS colours not intended to print as such.
  • Make sure a black only document is black throughout.
  • Die cut artwork: ensure the correct die line is used. For large format: Please provide the cut lines.
  • Please provide masks for spot gloss varnish and drip-off effects.
  • Indicate areas for foiling, embossing or any other special effect.
  • For personalized jobs indicate which fields are to be used and where.
  • For jobs using white ink please create the white layer using a SPOT WHITE colour and set to overprint.

Learn More Give us a call at 420-8550 our friendly and knowledgeable teammembers are happy to assist.


Do your printing needs include mailing? You can count on us to print, pack, stuff, address (ink jet or label), sort and deliver right to the post office or even drop-ship to other destinations. Whether your communications piece is a postcard, self-mailer, annual report or a personalized letter - we can handle it!

Fulfillment & Storage

We provide skilled one-stop service to complete your job from design to distribution which includes storage and on-demand shipping and delivery of finished items.

Delivery - What are the delivery schedules and costs?

No time to come in? We deliver island-wide in Barbados Monday through Friday excluding Bank Holidays with a fee of $35.00 for each location. Deliveries requested are shipped out the following day to as many locations as required. By arrangement we can usually accommodate requests for an out-of-hours delivery, particularly in a genuine emergency.

Shipping - Can I ship my orders to other countries?

Yes, we would be happy to assist! COT can provide the relevant customs documentation required to send your orders either via Air/Sea Freight or Courier. Freight charges, documentation fees and Insurance (if required) will be additional. We just need to know when, where and how!

Rush Services - Is there an express or rush service for print?

At COT our aim is to get your job to you on time, every time! Rush services include, weekend overtime,  48 hour or 24 hour turnaround time for your job to be printed and delivered.  Rush work can be accommodated depending on the workload at the time of request and will carry the following charges: 24 hour turnaround and weekend overtime 25% and 48 hour turn around 15%.

Payment - What forms of payment do we accept?

Wire ACH credits Payments can be made in cash via cheques. All cheques must be verified with ID and returned cheques will incur a fee of $50.00 BDS